Lynne H.

‘Maiya provides a number of services that have been very beneficial to both my staff and myself, the most recent being a guided meditation course. This course has taught my staff and I how to relax both body and mind and how to approach problems from a relaxed, non-judgmental perspective. Maiya has also provided us […]

Katie A.

‘I made an appointment for my 11 year old son to see Maiya for bed wetting and she suggested Bowen for him. He has had 3 sessions and he is dry. He talked to her about things he wouldn’t talk to me about and is much happier with more energy. He told me he feels […]

Elesha R.

‘I have had previous Theta Healing sessions with Maiya, she is so wonderful and patient I never felt judged by her I just felt a lot of love, she is an amazing healer. When I read that she had qualified as a teacher I was so excited as I knew she would bring Theta Healing […]

Jess A.

‘I feel so much better about myself and my thoughts since having a Theta Healing session with Maiya at Healing Steps. From the moment I arrived at Healing Steps I felt completely at ease and relaxed. What a gorgeous setting for a healing! My reason for trying Theta Healing was due to my over anxious […]

Lisa E.

‘Hi Maiya, I own a double seated swing chair that sits in our back yard. I bought it 4 or 5 years ago on a whim, just because I could I guess and as a child I always wanted a swing chair. I have never sat in that chair, that is until today. Today I […]

Angela F.

‘Having had head spins, vomiting and constant nausea and headaches for six weeks due to medication poisoning I was desperate for someone to help. After a one hour Bowen session with Maiya I walked away with only one of the four symptoms remaining. Over the five days following my headaches reduced to nothing along with […]

Diane H.

‘Maiya, thank you for helping me bring peace and calmness into my life’

Rachel R.

‘I was referred to Maiya by a friend after suffering chronic back pain due to a back injury & anxiety of my impending surgery. I attended Maiya’s clinic to receive Bowen Therapy to help with the anxiety. After the session I felt an immediate shift of clarity & peace and my anxiety was relieved. I […]

Sally D.

‘Maiya is a gifted healer. Her grounded energy provides a foundation that allows the light of change to shine. Maiya creates a flow of energy to gently nurture and protect you, as she walks you onto your path of higher vibration. Her ability to lead you with wisdom and love is transformational. Having a healing […]

Grant P.

‘Sometimes we all could use a helping hand for many different reasons. I was recommended to Maiya as I have been suffering from lack of direction and focus. I met with Maiya over several weeks with extremely positive results. After our consultations I felt relaxed and at ease with myself for the first time in […]