Heal Your Inner Child

Group Container

This is a 6 week group container to take a deep dive into when the trauma began so that we can heal it … then the pain that little girl is feeling and transferring to you … will be gone!

This is the perfect way to heal your inner child.

You and I will work together and will be totally focusing on what she needs.

Once she knows you are acknowledging and listening she will begin to trust you enough to tell you what she is scared of.

We all have an inner child. Every part of us that has gone before is still inside us.

But in this immersion, we are going to focus on you before you were 6 years old, the younger the better.

That time in your life when beliefs and programs were set up, the time when you believed everything that was told to you. 

These beliefs are tucked away in our subconscious so we don’t even know they are there . . . but they run our lives as adults.

As adults, we think it is our conscious minds that makes all the decisions in our life.

Heal your inner child

But the fact is that our subconscious mind controls 90% of our life.
Your conscious mind controls only 10% … think about that!

Yes ... your inner child is running the show!

Every time you have big emotions, those feelings that are overwhelming, the ones that you don’t have words to explain, that is your inner child.

Adults don’t throw tantrums … 2-year-olds do!

What we are going to do together during this 6-week immersion is find out what that 2-year-old is trying to tell you

Once she feels she is being seen and heard she then needs to trust you, and when that happens we can start to heal all of the things that happened to her.

  • We will remove those negative beliefs she has taken onboard
  • We will teach her feelings she has never experienced before eg: unconditional love
  • We will remove the overwhelming emotions from the things that have scared her
  • We will give her a voice

And most of all we will teach her and show her that she is beautiful, precious, unique and so, so loveable . . . and that from now on you are going to be with her every step of the way – to love her unconditionally, support her and keep her safe!

Are you ready to heal your inner child?
Yes? Then let’s book it in.


One session changed my life
“Maiya has helped me change and improve my life spiritually and emotionally. I have moved and cleared deep-seated emotions that I have been working on with psychologists for the last 10 years. One session with Maiya changed my life.”


Theta took the struggle out of my life
“I think I got a new script to work with; new criteria to determine what I would do, think. Personally, ThetaHealing took the struggle out of my life.”


I feel safer and less needy
“I’ve learnt so much about myself and also how to understand my reactions and respond to those who cause pain differently. It’s like I feel safer and less needy.”


Found my voice and confidence
“I found my voice and confidence in myself. Different ways to change things and my thought process. I love ThetaHealing and my amazing teacher and mentor, Maiya.”


I listen to the voice inside my head
“I’ve learnt so much about myself and my beliefs that it’s inspired me to keep digging for myself. I’ve also learned to listen to the voice in my head and say what I hear and that has helped others around me too. Thank you Maiya x”

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