Take Back Your Power

There has never been a more important time than now to take back your power. Together we will work through the things that are holding you back, release them and download new positive programs in their place. 90-minute Empowerment Session, or go deeper and take the time to make some big shifts with a 4-Session Transformation Package!

When I’m working with clients I use many of the tools I have in my toolbag because each of us is different and need different support.

I am an holistic counsellor, a ThetaHealing® practitioner & instructor with many years of experience and study.

Using the tools from ThetaHealing means together we can find the bottom cause of the issue that is bothering you, release it and then replace it with a positive program.

These beliefs and programs are tucked away in our subconscious, usually from the time we are children and we have no idea they are there. We carry in our DNA the beliefs of our parents, our grandparents and on back through our ancestors. So when we think about what life was like for your ancestors. Did they live through war, poverty, suppression? What was the world and society like around them? When we start to look at it from that aspect we can see why we might be carrying beliefs that no longer work in the life we are currently living but all those beliefs are still there running our life.

I love this image because it depicts you as a strong warrior woman. Because we do dig up the origins of the beliefs that are sabotaging you and also cut the cords/ties with the past, removing what no longer serves your highest and best.

I have had many clients say to me that I have done more for them in one session than years of seeing counsellors and psychologists has done.

It’s such an honour to see the change in clients when we release some of the beliefs and programs they have been carrying.

What is a queen?

90-Minute Empowerment Session

Is there something you need clarity or guidance on?

Is there something you are ready to invite into your life?

Is there a recurring pattern you are ready to let go of?

Do you need support to expand into your next phase?

Is it time:

  • to release old patterns
  • create new stories
  • make decisions in alignment with your heart and soul?


If you answered, yes, then what are you waiting for? Book your session now.

4-Session Transformation Package

Transformation sessions support you to access, integrate and embody your own clarity, power, intuition and wisdom. These sessions are a mix of intuitive insights, guided processes and proactive mentoring.

Transformation sessions are like an energetic excavation, an archaeological dig, helping us to find the source of your discomfort and sabotage. Then once found, we remove it and install a positive replacement. You can then see yourself and your present more clearly, empowering you to move forward more easefully.

Working with Maiya in this 4-session container will help you:-

  • Get clear on what you want and why
  • Clear trauma from your past
  • Clear beliefs and programs that are held on the core, genetic, history and soul level
  • Tap into the wisdom held in your body, your aura, your soul
  • Gain tools that will assist you in embodying and actioning your desired changes. These will be tailored to your individual needs. This could be journaling prompts, guided processes, actions to take, digging to remove old limiting beliefs/programs.


If you are ready to transform, then get started by booking this package today. Sessions are available in person or on Zoom if you are further away.

Over our four sessions together we will be able to clear many of these beliefs, certainly the ones that are causing the most angst in your life. There will also be meditations, journaling, homework, and most importantly, taking the time to spend on yourself. That last is so important because as women we look after everyone else and leave ourselves to last. If it feels like you resonate with this then book a call and we can have a chat about whether we are a good fit to work together.

Are you ready to take back your power?
Yes? Then let’s book it in.


One session changed my life
“Maiya has helped me change and improve my life spiritually and emotionally. I have moved and cleared deep-seated emotions that I have been working on with psychologists for the last 10 years. One session with Maiya changed my life.”


Theta took the struggle out of my life
“I think I got a new script to work with; new criteria to determine what I would do, think. Personally, ThetaHealing took the struggle out of my life.”


I feel safer and less needy
“I’ve learnt so much about myself and also how to understand my reactions and respond to those who cause pain differently. It’s like I feel safer and less needy.”


Found my voice and confidence
“I found my voice and confidence in myself. Different ways to change things and my thought process. I love ThetaHealing and my amazing teacher and mentor, Maiya.”


I listen to the voice inside my head
“I’ve learnt so much about myself and my beliefs that it’s inspired me to keep digging for myself. I’ve also learned to listen to the voice in my head and say what I hear and that has helped others around me too. Thank you Maiya x”

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