Katie A.

‘I made an appointment for my 11 year old son to see Maiya for bed wetting and she suggested Bowen for him. He has had 3 sessions and he is dry. He talked to her about things he wouldn’t talk to me about and is much happier with more energy. He told me he feels comfortable with Maiya and was looking forward to another session. I am so relieved and grateful and so is he. Thank you so much Maiya.’


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Numbers and Statistics

that’s what we keep having projected at us from the media and the numbers and statistics are always about the same thing. It’s as if there is nothing else happening, nothing else is important. But they are not telling me the numbers that I want

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I believed I was an empowered woman

I had worked through so much ‘stuff’I thought the fact I’ve had so many birthdays and have done so much work on myself, so many workshops, books, courses, that I had come to a place of empowerment able to stand in my own sovereignty. For

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Finally, it’s happened!

It’s a bittersweet day today.

As I launch my new website www.maiya.com.au out into the world I need to say goodbye to www.healingsteps.com.au and I’m feeling all the feels.

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