Build a Bridge and get over it … my most detested saying

The saying I detest the most in the world is “build a bridge and get over it”. If I knew how to build that bloody bridge I would have already built it! Do you think I want to sit in this pain? Do you think wallowing in this quicksand is how I want my life […]

Today is my youngest son’s birthday.

Yesterday as I sat pondering his birth all those years ago and realised that I needed to acknowledge it. Not just for me but for all the women out there who had gone through something similar and were just expected to ‘get on with it. Because it was a big deal. It was my fourth […]

2020 is here! A new year, a new decade

A new year, a new decade! What is this going to mean for you? Are you just going to carry on doing what you’ve been doing for the last 10 years or are you going to make a decision to grab this new decade with both hands and make your dreams come true? The decision […]

There are none of us blameless

As I sit here on Day 7 of the new year, the new decade, I am grappling with so many emotions that at times feel overwhelming as I watch the tragedy of the bushfires around me unfold. I have had a house full of people, my family, a total of 8 adults, 8 children and […]

Big lesson for me this week

When you feel like you’re pushing a huge large boulder up a very steep hill . . . Stop! Because you’re going the wrong way! It’s not meant to be that hard I have told this to so many clients over the years but as happens sometimes we don’t take our own advice! I had […]


Years ago I learnt that having expectations of what people would do and how they would behave was bringing me a lot of hurt and disappointment. I use to write scenarios in my head of how something, an event or a day would go, what he would say, what she would say, what would happen […]

Today I nursed my grandson

Today, April 4th 2019 is 18 years after I wrote the following and I feel that it is a significant day to post this. Happy 18th Birthday Fraser – from my heart to yours, always.   Today I nursed my grandson. Not such an unusual thing you may think. I had flown from Sydney to […]

Manifesting does work

After a very long wait it is finally a reality. Today is the day my old kitchen is removed and a new one put in its place. The house is now crawling with tradies and I am sitting in my study typing this on Word because the electricity is off and therefore the internet 🙁 […]

Is this you??

  Are you going through your life feeling like something is missing? You have everything you need; a job, kids, a loving husband, a house… you know you “should” be happy, but some part of the puzzle feels like it is missing.   You just don’t feel fulfilled in your life. Perhaps you are able […]