Years ago I learnt that having expectations of what people would do and how they would behave was bringing me a lot of hurt and disappointment. I use to write scenarios in my head of how something, an event or a day would go, what he would say, what she would say, what would happen and how it would all pan out.
Without sharing my script or thoughts with anyone else. And then I would come crashing down with disappointment when it didn’t go the way I had orchestrated it in my imagination. Slowly I realised that I needed to stop having these expectations and also writing the plays in my head because I would be continually let down, feel disappointed and then get angry and sulk. And the only one who this affected was me. Or the other person if you were unlucky enough to be the recipient of my pout. Expectations were my downfall, I decided. So the way to stop the hurt was to stop the expectations. Because how on earth would anyone know what was going on in my head if I didn’t tell them. Asking for what I want has always been a stumbling block for me (years of asking and not getting had taught me to shut down that aspect of me) Years passed and I didn’t think much about expectations and the plays I used to compose in my head. I stopped writing the plays. I got better at asking for what I wanted. Then today, for whatever reason, I reverted back to that old behaviour, I decided, in my head, how I wanted the day to go, I didn’t share my thoughts, needs, wants with anyone … And surprise, surprise what I wanted to happen didn’t. We go along for years smugly thinking that we have dealt with an issue and then the Universe decides that we need to learn the next layer of that particular issue and we get a whack on the backside. The message has been received loud and clear Universe. I know exactly what I need to do. Thank you 🙏 Communication is so important. How is anyone else meant to know what is going on in your head if you don’t tell them?!! Has this happened to you? Please share in the comments, so I know I’m not the only one!


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