Manifesting does work

After a very long wait it is finally a reality. Today is the day my old kitchen is removed and a new one put in its place. The house is now crawling with tradies and I am sitting in my study typing this on Word because the electricity is off and therefore the internet 🙁 Last night as we cleared the last of the things from the kitchen and I wiped down those benches for the last time, I said goodbye and thankyou to a kitchen that has served me well for the 12 years we have lived in this house. It has cooked many meals, seen my children all working together and grandchildren mixing and baking cakes.   Unpacking it was an interesting process, coming across things that I had not touched since they were placed there 12 years ago. It made me realise how differently we live now to the way we did 20 years ago. I no longer hold dinner parties, and we used to do a lot of entertaining. Champagne flutes and sherry glasses no longer get used. Gone are the days of Baileys and Tia Maria and milk that we used to have, even around the fire when we were camping (I can even remember having Tia Maria and milk to help me sleep when I was pregnant ~ shock horror!) Now I don’t drink at all.   I have kitchen stuff in every room in the house. Both spare beds are covered as are the floors. Trying to remember where everything is has become a challenge. My husband has been laughing as he has walked from room to room to find all he needs to have his breakfast. It is only Day 1 so I’m not expecting the humour to last because he then has to work out where I put everything in the new kitchen. The last, and only time, I have had a new kitchen was exactly 30 years ago in 1988, then I had 4 children to feed and clean up after. We often went camping in those days (it was the only holidays we could afford) so we made a joke of it and pretended we were camping but with more comfortable beds! That kitchen took longer than this one because we put a beautiful slate floor in the kitchen and dining room (and yes, it was the height of fashion and I loved the end result) My all white kitchen looked stunning then and I’m hoping it will again all these years later. I figure if I survived last time with six people, the two of us will be easy. Washing the dishes in a plastic square ‘bucket’ in the laundry sink takes me back to camping, but now I have hot and cold running water. While I am holed up in my study, instead of doing work, I’m thinking of where I’m going to put everything in the new kitchen. As soon as they finish tomorrow I will be in there, wiping out and putting things away. Lots of memories are being stirred up at the moment. I have wanted a new kitchen for the last ten years but it was only when I changed how I was manifesting that it actually came into being. Now I’ve moved on, in my head, to the next thing. I’m interested to see if I can have quicker success this time.  


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