A gift for you for Mothers Day

Here we are in May and tomorrow it’s  Mothers’ Day. I’m assuming that, unless you live under a rock and then you wouldn’t be seeing this, you have realised this fact. It is hard not to be aware as we are bombarded everywhere we look with advertisers vying for our spending dollar. Telling us all […]

Healing your inner child

You have probably heard and read about your inner child and may have wondered just what it is. Inside you, in every cell of your body, is a memory of everything that you have done since you were born. Basically what that means is that the you from every age you have ever been is […]

The month of love

February is touted now as the month of love. On Valentine’s Day we are surrounded by images, by words, by songs all telling us that our value, our worth, our very existence  is dependent on whether someone sends us flowers, or chocolate, or gifts, or beautiful posts on Facebook. We are being told continually that we need […]