Healing your inner child

You have probably heard and read about your inner child and may have wondered just what it is.
Inside you, in every cell of your body, is a memory of everything that you have done since you were born. Basically what that means is that the you from every age you have ever been is walking around inside you. Sometimes making you happy but most of the time causing havoc of some kind. The little child who felt that they were ignored, dethroned when the new baby came along, not good enough, stupid, or ___________, you fill in the blank or rather the many blanks. When you have read about healing your inner child then this is what it means, healing every aspect of the you that has gone before. You can read more here.

The picture at the top of the home page of my website is a photo of my granddaughter and me walking along the path at the headland near my home, my most favourite place in the world. There is the Minnamurra river on the left of the photo and Mystics Beach and when you get to the top you can only hear the waves you can also hear the silence, a contradiction I know but true.

My granddaughter has my name as her middle name and she looks a little like me at that age. We had a wonderful time taking this series of photos as we were chatting all the way along.

This photo is very symbolic for me. It represents taking my inner child by the hand and walking her through life, through the curves and bends of life, the twists and turns, the different scenery, the steep paths and the flat. We are walking along together with the world and our life out there in front of us. We are walking towards that life, together. Now that I have reconnected with my inner child she never has to be alone, ever again. I will be there with her always, at whatever age she is. There is nothing that she has to face alone now that I am there with her to hold her hand, to protect her and keep her safe….

There were many reasons that my little girl was alone, she was an only child and sent off to boarding school three months after arriving in Australia from England after a six week sea voyage with my mother. My father had come out first alone to find work and accommodation, as jobs and housing were reported to be hard to find.
After years of course, workshops and counselling ThetaHealing® was the tool I finally stumbled across that allowed me to heal all of those parts of me that were hurt and traumatised ~ and I loved it so much that I became a ThetaHealing® teacher so that I could share it with everyone and help them to heal themselves.

Having grandchildren has given me the opportunity to do all the fun things with my inner child it has been wonderful for me to give her what she was missing. I now have 9 and another one due in June so lots of opportunity to play! My inner child will never have to go through anything by herself, she will never be alone and unprotected again.


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