The month of love

February is touted now as the month of love. On Valentine’s Day we are surrounded by images, by words, by songs all telling us that our value, our worth, our very existence  is dependent on whether someone sends us flowers, or chocolate, or gifts, or beautiful posts on Facebook. We are being told continually that we need to keep searching outside of ourselves for validation, for acknowledgement, for approval and that we assume is love.

But what about the person who has known you the longest, who knows you the best, what about them? Do you value their opinion? Do you ask their advice? Do you even know their name?

It is the person who walks beside you, or rather with you, within you

~ and yes, you’re right ~ it is YOU!

You have been there from the beginning. You know what you like and what you don’t. You know what brings you joy, and what makes you sad. That little child that is still there inside you knows the answers to all the questions you keep asking. You just need to listen.

I urge you to take out a photo of you when you were a baby, or a toddler, or a very young child and look at it, really look at it. How beautiful is that face?  Look at the joy, the innocence, the expectation there. Now imagine that you have the opportunity to sit with that child, to have it climb onto your lap and give it a cuddle. Can you feel the love? Can you feel that desire to protect it from all harm? What would you say to that precious child? Would you speak words of encouragement or would they be words of condemnation? Would you tell it how beautiful its hair is, or tell it how stupid it is? How clever or how hopeless? This is what we are doing constantly with the self-talk that we have running on a continuous loop in our heads, unconscious twaddle that beats us to a pulp and leaves our self-esteem battered and flattened. Unconscious beliefs that we have picked up from other people when we were very young and have embedded into our subconscious as a truth, a belief.

The time has come to get rid of those ‘truths’. Those sabotaging beliefs that hold us back, keep us downtrodden, keep us angry, frustrated and resentful. Once we release those long serving false truths we will be free. Free to love ourselves unconditionally. To celebrate our uniqueness, our quirkiness, our specialness.

I know all this because I have been there, and been there for many long years. I tried all sorts of therapy, counsellors, workshops, courses, affirmations, read the books, listened to the tapes & CDs, watched the movies & DVDs. I knew what to do but still the anger was there. Then I learned about ThetaHealing®, I learned to do it and I learned to teach it. And with the ThetaHealing® techniques (which by the way are easy) I learned how to change those beliefs, the ones that had kept me stuck, trapped in the anger and resentment, and then the anger and resentment that even though I knew were there, I still couldn’t let go. Finally I resolved, I released, I cancelled those beliefs and sent them on their merry way ….. and I sighed & surrendered into the most amazing peace.

The things in my past had still happened, I still remembered them, but there was no emotion attached. The anger had gone, the resentment had gone, the regret had gone, the guilt had gone.

I sighed, I relaxed, I let go! And in the letting I learned to love myself, really love myself. I learned to look after that little girl inside me, I learned to protect her, to nurture her and to love her.

And in learning to love her I was able to love those around me, in a much more deep and meaningful way.


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