The road back…

Way back in February I promised that I would journal the journey of taking  my body from acid to alkaline.

I had good intentions. I did start but each time I felt like writing, which wasn’t often I must admit, I was feeling miserable and writing about it just seemed like whinging. There is a little of my journey to be read in the blogs that I did write.

Well here it is nearly August I am feeling much better  and I am taking NO DRUGS. How did that happen?

My last visit to the rheumatologist was at the beginning of June, my knees were the worst they had been that day, and he wanted me to go on methatrexate (a low dose chemotherapy drug) as well as stay on the prednisolone. I decided against taking the methatrexate but continued taking the pred. I played around with the dose but eventually I weaned myself down and now I have been on NO pred for over a week.

I have almost finished the second month’s course of the compounding formula prescribed by the holistic GP. I believe that it’s started to kick in and that is why the symptoms have improved. I won’t bore you with the revelations from the blood tests he took suffice to say I was very happy with his approach and I’m happy to follow his direction. I take 3 capsules of the compounding formula in the morning and 4 capsules of a different formula at night. As well I have a range of supplements that I take with my morning green protein shake. It has been a long eight months but finally I am starting to feel like my old self. It’s as if I slid down a very steep mountain and was at the bottom in a hole for awhile but now I am halfway back up the other side. What a relief!

As well as taking the tablets I have had Bowen Therapy and ThetaHealing sessions with colleagues, some kinesiology and a little acupuncture. Tomorrow I am off to have some pampering when redeem the voucher my son gave me for Mothers’ Day, it’s for a 90 minute spa treatment, so I’m looking forward to that. All part of returning balance to my life.

The cravings for wheat and carbs has gone along with the prednisolone. I find it interesting that I no longer find them appealing when before I wanted to eat them all day.  I am now starting to want fruit and a more healthy diet. Back to the way I used to eat but I am now going to investigate an even healthy way of eating.

There has been just a little hiccup recently, I am on to my third course of antibiotics for a chest infection as the result of an allergic reaction to the fibreglass they put down in our shower (the shower has been leaking but that’s a very long story). I remember when they built the bathroom 4 years ago I ended up with pneumonia. So there is something I now know ~ I need to keep right away from any fibreglass.

There is heaps going on here in my house. We are having renovations to our front balconies and the bathroom fixed up, the NBN is being connected and there is much going on behind the scenes at Healing Steps. I feel very positive about all the shifting, clearing and moving forward that is happening on a physical level, because it can only be mirroring what is going on in my body. I feel good and I am really excited by change which is something I acknowledged to myself yesterday.

I know how much better I am because today I moved heavy pot plants outside by ‘walking’ them to where I wanted them. Then I picked up a very heavy Buddha statue which I normally can’t move and carried it back to its rightful place. Now the front of my house looks reasonably well dressed as the builders have left and we wait for at least two weeks until the railing goes on. I also vacuumed and mopped downstairs in my clinic, something I have not been able to do this year. I was exhausted but very happy to be able to do it and satisfied when the job was complete.

There are many people I need to thank who have supported me this year and provided me with healing and a shoulder to lean on when I found it so very hard to stand up on my own. You know who you are and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will always be exceedingly grateful to you. Much love and big hugs to you all.


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