The most intense relationship you will ever have

Sunday, in Australia, is Mothers Day

Last night at our Monthly Meditation we did my Cutting the Cords visualisation and we did it with our mothers.

Regardless of the relationship you had with your mother she is the one who gave birth to you. If it wasn’t for her you would not be who you are today.

Mothers’ Day is an opportunity for all of us to acknowledge our mothers, whether they are here with us or have passed on. We all have mothers. Well, we did when we were born. She is the woman who pushed you into this world. The one who carried you in her belly for nine months. You heard her heart beating, you heard her voice, you felt her emotions, you knew her thoughts, you shared her bodily fluids.

The relationship you have with your mother is the most intense relationship that you will ever have (until you’re a mother yourself but still it’s different) For this reason alone she deserves your gratitude. For without your mother you wouldn’t be here.

So regardless of the impact she had on the rest of your life, she was the one person who enabled you to have this life experience. And for that alone she deserves your gratitude.

Our relationship with our mother is the most intense one we will ever have, which is why it can be so traumatic and cause us so much pain and hurt … and for such a very long time.

But it doesn’t need to be like that!

Because it’s Mothers Day I would like to gift you a meditation that will completely change the relationship you have with your mother (for the better!)

This meditation is about cutting the cords, or the ties that bind. Now to ‘cut the cords’ doesn’t mean that you want this person out of your life forever (and you may well do!) What it does mean is that you want to change the dynamic of the relationship you have with them. Relationships evolve, they change over time, as they are meant to, as we are meant to.

Your parents, I am hoping, don’t treat you at 35 the same way they did when you were 5. They don’t hold your hand when you cross the road, they don’t look over your shoulder all the time to check what you are doing, tell you what time to go to bed etc…you get my drift!

My gift to you. This guided meditation will allow you to cut those cords on the relationship as it was…. and then, if YOU chose, you can establish an adult to adult relationship with the person that you do this exercise with.

My clients, over the years, have had wonderful success with this meditation. It is a powerful, profound visualization.

Use it firstly on the relationship with your mother and then use it over, and over ~ if you choose ~ on all your other relationships.

If it is someone you no longer wish to have in your life then you cut them free and with no intent other than unconditional love send them on their way … with love!

This is extremely important or you will be hooked up with them again!

Send them on their way. Hand them over to God, Buddha, Allah, Jesus, Great Spirit, Creator (whatever feels right for you) you could say ‘you deal with them! I’ve done my bit!’

Now find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed, the meditation runs for about 20 minutes. Take a glass of water with you and make sure you will be warm enough. Turn off the phone and then when you’re ready click here

Please let me know how you go with it ~ and if you have any problems contact me so that I can help you through it ~

An extra bonus gift for you ~ is my support if you need it!

Unconditional love & blessings



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