The journey begins ~ from acid to alkaline

I have decided to go on a detox and reduce the inflammation in my body and I thought the best way to keep me on track when the going gets tough would be to blog about it and keep me honest!

I went to the GP when the pain was so intense and my hands so locked up I could do nothing for myself … couldn’t wipe my bum, squeeze the toothpaste or the shampoo out. It is actually very scary when you can no longer look after you basic needs. Feeding myself was an issue and as we live in a two storey house and the living area is upstairs I was trapped in the house when my knees decided to join in on the protest.

For a person who had prided herself on independence this was truly the lowest I had fallen. Peering into the future was unbelievably scary. Would we have to move? Would I be able to go on the planned trip to Europe? Would I ever be able to nurse my grandchildren again…… what would my life look like? I worked in disabilities for years so I know just what is involved when you become incapacitated.

The GP gave me a diagnosis of osteoarthritis. The physio said he thought there were too many joints happening at the same time to be osteoarthritis. That was all I needed, a difference of opinion and I ran with that. It is so obviously an inflammatory condition, the joints swell up and the pain, but it could be one of so many. The main word is inflammatory, and I know I can work on that. Dragging up the things I knew and did 20 years ago I knew I could make a difference to my body. I knew the adage “dis-ease cannot live in an alkaline body” so the goal was set. To turn my body alkaline.

Last November I was following an eating program designed by a naturopath and I felt fantastic. I lost 11 kgs and had so much energy, it was amazing. I had two colonics at the time and attributed the euphoria to that. I had a few more colonics and did not have the same result. On reflection, which I have been doing much of lately, I realised it was the eating program that made me feel so great.

So here’s where you come in …. I have resumed the eating program and so that I don’t ‘fall off the wagon’ I am going to make myself accountable by documenting my journey here.

I have an appointment with the rheumatologist in April so that is 6 weeks.  40 days to make a difference. I started hydrotherapy yesterday. The eating program starts today. I am taking so many supplements I rattle. Part of the program is to remove all the toxics around the house, which I had years ago as I am very sensitive.

I am poised ready to go! Wish me luck!


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