Sleep, the best healer

Not such a great day today. I woke up feeling the pain and promptly went back to sleep.

I went out last night and had a fabulous time but as the evening wore on I could feel my joints tightening up and the pain returning.

Each time I woke for the toilet, the pain was there. As I was waking this morning I wondered if I would/should go back on the prednisolone and I think I had made the decision that I would. As I got up and got moving things weren’t as bad as I thought. My knees were sore but not painful, my neck was sore but manageable, the only thing that was really ‘ouchy’ was the index finger on my right hand. It is swollen and extremely tender to touch. So I am sitting here typing with it stuck in the air!

I have been quiet today and not so buoyant. Was very sleepy as the day wore on. Had a client this afternoon for Bowen and was pleasantly surprised that with my finger in the air I could still perform the moves. We had a great session, so even though I was tired I was upbeat. ThetaHealing clients are fine for me as there is no bodywork involved and my concern, or fear I guess, was that if I don’t resolve this I am not going to be able to do Bowen.

As always while I was in the shower I had some insights into some inner work that I need to do.

Now I am extremely pleased that I waited to see before I rushed in and took the prednisolone. Another day down! I’m still taking all the supplements and have started on the eating program so I am wondering how long it will be before I notice a difference. I was also given the name of an holistic doctor today. I have rung them and they are sending out a questionnaire for me to fill in and when it is returned they will make an appointment.

All positive things and I feel like I’m moving forward. Now because it’s such a cold and miserable night my bed is calling and I’m listening. Sleep really is the best healer.



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