A ritual to end 2016

This is a ritual that I use on New Year’s Eve and also my birthday.


Everyone talks about writing down resolutions or goals for each New Year.


But as we know you can’t fit new clothes in your wardrobe if it’s full of the old clothes that no longer fit you. So we need to clean it out first and create space.


One of the many universal laws is The Universe hates a vacuum, so it will fill any space or void.


So before you send your list for manifesting out into the ethers you need to release all that you no longer want to have in your life.


We need to clear out the old useless ‘stuff ‘to make way for the new and wanted ‘stuff’.


But the Universe cannot help you unless you tell it and writing it down is incredibly powerful.


Your mission, if you choose to accept it is:


Write down a list of everything you wish to release / let go of / ditch from 2016.

It can be health issues, relationships, behaviours, that no longer serve the you, you choose to be.


It can be a very long list with all the minutiae of your life. Or it can be shorter and just have the big-ticket items. Time will usually impact the length.


When you have the list finished then find a fireproof container. I have a fire pit.

But I have used baking dishes or Pyrex bowls lined with foil.

Make sure you are somewhere safe, not in a windy spot, not on the lounge room carpet.

Outside on the lawn or concrete is best.

Place your list into the fireproof container.

Don’t scrunch it into a tight ball, as it doesn’t burn easily.

Light the paper and stand there until it is completely finished burning and there is nothing left but ash.


While it is burning you could say something like ‘I release this and all that no longer serves me’.


You can give gratitude for what these things have taught you.

Learn the lesson and let the trigger go.


There is something so cathartic about watching my list burn and disintegrate. What I wrote on the list is no more. It no longer exists.


It has transmuted into smoke that goes up to the Sky and ash that goes back into the Earth


I hope you find it’s the same for you.


Love & Blessings

for an awesome 2017 that brings you everything you wish for yourself … and more!

Maiya xx






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