The power of gratitude

We are all so busy striving. We reach one goal and then we’re on to the next …. and the next. We have been taught since childhood that we must always be bettering ourselves, and so we did. Now we are told that we have to think of all the things we want to manifest into our lives.

There is little time to ‘stop & smell the roses’; ‘enjoy the fruits of our labour’; ‘to rest on our laurels’, or any of the other platitudes.

I have a Gratitude Jar on my desk. I put it there at the beginning of last year and my purpose was for me to think of  the very small things that I am grateful for.  Not the big stuff, like the house, the job, the family. I wanted it to remind me to focus on the other things, the things most of the time we don’t even notice.


  • The bird singing outside my window, as I write this.
  • The sound of the breeze as it rustles through the bamboo.
  • The taste of the food as it hits my taste buds, the different colours of the food.
  • The way my cuddly old dressing gown feels when I wear it, and how it makes me feel when I wear it.
  • The exquisite smell of the roses from my garden, which I have put on my desk so that the perfume as it wafts over to me makes me smile.

I think you get my drift.

It has made me much more aware of what I have in my life rather than what I want ~ wanting just focuses on the lack in my life.

Then as I was writing this I received an invitation to join a gratitude group on Facebook. Now, not only do I have to notice things so that I can write in the group, I also get to read other peoples, which prompts me to think of even more things I am grateful for.

I don’t just sit all day smelling and listening. I still have a list of goals that I wish to achieve and a job list that gives me great satisfaction as I tick each of them when they’re done….. and I have been decluttering my house.

I have mentioned here before that I have had to overcome a very negative soundtrack that has run in my head for most of my life. This exercise of focusing on what I have to be grateful for has given me a new outlook and perspective on life.



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Gratitude is an Attitude

A funny story from a long time ago …

When I first heard about gratitude, years and years ago, I thought

that if I was grateful for what I had in that moment that meant I would be stuck there and never have anything better!

And because that was my belief at the time I didn’t carry out the act of gratitude for many many years.

Definitely not a smart move

I was living in Sydney at the time and wanted desperately to move out of the rat race to somewhere quieter that would feed my soul.

Twenty years ago next month the dream I had held onto for so long came to fruition

and we moved to Kiama, the best decision we ever made!

Before that eventuated I had to sit in the situation I was in at the time and have gratitude for all that I had in my life then and there

I had let go of the belief I’d had such a tight grip on that to be grateful in the moment meant I would be stuck there

So not true!

In fact it was the reverse

Once you begin to have gratitude for what you have in your life then more things start to flow to you

The most important thing is to know what it is you wish to manifest in your life

Most people when asked what they want in their life come up blank

We all have a great long list of all the things we don’t want and nothing on the ‘do want’ list

So what happens is we are focused on the ‘don’t want’ and surprise, surprise that’s what keeps on showing up!!

The lesson here is to have gratitude for everything you have in your life now (just look around you) and focus on what you do want in your life.

Gratitude is a powerful manifestation tool.

TIP: if you have a list of what you don’t want it is easy to flip it to what you do want

📷 by Donald Giannatti on Unsplash

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