Our body is always talking to us?

Sadly, most of us don’t listen.
Or we only listen when we are brought to our knees.
I admit that even though I have known this for a long time and have been teaching it for the past twenty years I don’t always listen.
I certainly haven’t been listening lately
How do I know?
I have a huge stye on my right eye!
Around my eye is red and swollen, and today a week after I had the first twinges of it I notice it is inside my eyelid
It is extremely uncomfortable and incredibly ugly
and arrived at a very inconvenient time, as I was all systems go to do some live recordings.
I used to get styes when I was younger, under six.
Last Saturday I went to the pharmacy to ask what they had that I could use, as there were no doctors open, and she asked if I was run down
My instant response was No!
When I got home and thought about it I realised that I had had visitors since Christmas
and whilst I love having my family around me
I also need space to regroup … and think!
It’s interesting what you get used to over time
When my children were young, I have four of them, the house was full of kids and noise.
Their friends were always over
I was constantly moving from the time I got up in the morning til the time I fell asleep at night.
There was always noise in the house
It was a small house, much too small for six of us, so there was no space to ‘get away from it all’.
At the time I just got on with it because that’s what you did,
we weren’t as evolved back then.
But the children grew up,
and left home,
and then had children of their own
and my life changed.
Now we live in a big house,
just the two of us and our dog,
in a beautiful seaside town, two hours from where we used to live.
Now our children bring their children to stay with us
and because they have such a wonderful time with all the activities that are available around us,
they come often!
I love having them here,
it’s what I always wanted when I was a child growing up with no siblings, cousins, aunts or uncles around me
I have created the family that I wanted so badly when I was young.
Now that I’m older and I have had many years to get used to a quiet house,
having people in it for an extended period drains my energy.
I need time and space to re-group and re-energise.
How things change over time,
when I was younger I thrived on the energy of others
now it drains me.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Getting back to the point of this musing,
I realised when I was washing my hair that I had rambled when writing this and left out the most important part,
how to hear what your body is saying.
Our body is continually talking to us, telling us what it needs.
So I sat in silence and asked my body what it was telling me,
I journalled,
I asked the question and then heard the answer when I was in the shower,
sometimes writing posts or blogs will give me answers,
or while I’m out walking.
I did check out the many metaphysical books I have to see what they had to say and what resonated with me.
With all of this information the answer became crystal clear!
Now that I know
I can do something about it.
The answer usually doesn’t always come straight after the question you ask,
it waits until you are in a receptive mood to hear.
And you may have a different way to me of talking to your body, and that’s okay.
All I know is when we don’t listen our body gets louder and louder until we have no choice.
That’s when we’re hit in the face with an illness that stops us in our tracks
or a lump in your eye, like me, that looks and feels so awful I have to take notice … and so does everyone else!
Much better to listen to the ongoing conversation rather than waiting until she screams at you.
How interesting to notice the similarities to a mother and her teenage child!


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