Organised and ready …

The plans I had for the last three days were cancelled so having been given a gift I thought I would use the time wisely. I have been complaining for a long time that my business needed systems put in place to make things easier and quicker for me. But I never seemed to have the time to do such a big job. Healing Steps was birthed 16 years ago after I left full time employment. I took on clients after I completed my remedial massage course and as I kept studying. It continued to grow, the list of modalities added as I completed them. Things look very different now to when I was seeing massage clients in the smallest bedroom of our house in Sydney. 10 years ago Healing Steps, Wellness Centre re-located to it’s current home at Kiama Downs. Growing in fits and starts, a little like Topsie, has meant that Healing Steps never had systems in place, systems that help business run smoothly and efficiently. It was feeling to me as if it didn’t have solid foundations and if I didn’t sort it out it would not be possible to grow to the next level. I have never worked in an office and remember vehemently announcing to my father at the ripe old age of 16 that I didn’t need to learn secretarial skills because ‘I never want to work in an office’ (and I never have). Yes, Dad I do regret not listening to you. I see it differently now as things that come easily to others and make perfectly logical sense I struggle with. So, three days in a row with no commitments, today spent in my pajamas, and I have done it! *I have organised my inbox and all the folders that slowly ‘grew’ on the side. *I have organised all my downloads, deleted heaps and put the rest into easy to find folders. *I have organised all my documents (a task that was so overwhelming I never knew how to begin it). *…then I organised all the documents inside the folders – Phew! Today I set myself the task of sorting through some of the many papers I have been keeping in labeled manilla folders for ‘just in case’. Information on workshops I have run. Information for the book I’m writing. Information for a couple of ecourses I’m planning. Each time I contemplated it before the task always seemed too monumental and so overwhelming … so I never attempted it. It’s has been interesting looking back and seeing what I was doing a few years ago, and how we’ve moved on. I got lost in it a few times. I have done this task many times but never quite got down to this level. What has prompted this industrious, OCD, working frenzy is that I have made a decision to stop procrastinating! I have a half finished book and enough content to write a few e-courses. But the information is hidden amongst all these papers. I am hiding no longer. The time is right to just do it! The pile of scrap paper for the grandchildren has grown! The recycling bin is overflowing. The task I set myself is complete and I feel tired but very pleased with myself. Now at 11.30pm I have not finished all the filing and organizing I have written this blog. Definitely time for bed.


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