Numbers and Statistics

that’s what we keep having projected at us from the media and the numbers and statistics are always about the same thing.

It’s as if there is nothing else happening, nothing else is important.

But they are not telling me the numbers that I want to know.

I want to know the numbers of suicides that have occurred over the past twenty months?

I know for a fact the numbers are rising and why wouldn’t they given the situation we are currently living in here in NSW and Victoria

As someone who has spent the past twenty years in the wellness industry, helping people with their emotional, physical, mental wellbeing

I am extremely concerned, and have been stating that since this madness began

I am working with clients who are coping with the ripple effects of suicide, it is huge

In my small town alone there have been an astounding number of young people deciding to end their life

and I know there must be so many more around the country . . . and why wouldn’t there be?

People are losing their jobs, their livelihoods, their hope,

their businesses that they have spent years of blood, sweat and tears building up – suddenly gone!

Families are separated, not even allowed to be with loved ones in palliative care and hold their hand as they pass over

Is that not the ultimate in cruelty?

When people list their greatest fears, one at the top is to die alone.

Children are stuck at home, away from their peers, some of them in situations of abuse,

school was their refuge, their safe place.

School isn’t just about the academic work.

It’s about friendships, it’s about play, it’s about social interaction.

What is it that you remember about school?

I bet it wasn’t the text books you were reading or the lectures you sat through

I’m sure when asked your memories go straight to the people, the friends, to the relationships you built, or didn’t as the case may be.

Nine of my eleven grandchildren are teenagers.

Two of them are young adults at uni, and when I asked them it’s their friends they miss . . . and sport!

This is the time in their lives where they are meant to be building relationships.

Falling in, and then out of love.

Learning what works and what doesn’t.

Learning who they are in the midst of it all.

Pulling away from their parents and coming fully into themselves is what the teenage years are about.

This generation have lost that.

It has been snatched away from them.

How do they do learn how to break away when they are at home with their parents 24/7?

It wasn’t long ago that we were complaining about the time they were spending on devices.

Now they are stuck on them all day doing schoolwrok.

My heart breaks for kids all over this country, and we are going to have huge, huge problems further down the track.

But none of that seems to be of concern to the ‘powers that be’ they are only focused on that one thing.

But we need to remember that these people who are now controlling our freedom were put in their positions of power by us, to serve us . . . they are supposed to work for us.

We, with our taxes, pay their salaries.

They are our employees.

September is Suicide Prevention Month

It’s time to ask what steps of prevention has our government put in place?



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