The joy of teaching ThetaHealing®

 Oh how I love teaching ThetaHealing®! My heart fills fit to burst watching the changes in people.
I smile now when I think of how long it took me to do the teacher training. ‘Not me’, I said to a friend who was planning her future career. At that time I really believed what I said. Vianna Stibel, the founder of ThetaHealing ®, was giving a talk in Sydney a few years back. Sitting in a room filled with a couple of hundred people I heard a voice as clear as anything say ‘you will teach this, you will become a teacher’. As Vianna was leaving the next day to begin the teacher training in Queensland it was a little late for me to heed the voice just then. Many of the colleagues that I had met along my Theta journey went to Queensland the next day and became teachers. I had to sit with what I heard until the following year when I too did the teacher training when Vianna returned to Australia. I had been seeing clients one on one for a number of years and had completed all of the Theta courses except the teaching ones. The teaching courses lived up to my expectations and spending all that time with Vianna was magical.

Fast forward a few years ~ the last course I taught was amazing, the shifts each of the participants made was noticeable to each of the others and also to the person themselves. They were all so excited and the energy just kept building. I was on such a high afterwards it lasted for weeks. I find it so rewarding and so humbling to be blessed to be able to teach this amazing technique. One lady came the first day and said she wanted to be happy. As she left at the end of the first day I asked her if she now knew what happy felt like she answered yes, and I commented on the smile that she had had all afternoon got even wider, threatening to split her face. It sounds simple enough but to be happy is what most people are striving for. Unfortunately most people are looking for something outside of themselves to bring them that happiness. Happiness comes from deep within our being, it is part of us, as the saying reiterates, ‘happiness is an inside job’. Participants have gone home and sent unconditional love to their children and watched the children’s behaviour change, and their relationships, and their work environment. There are so many different things that you learn in the Basic course that can literally change your life, give you back control, help you set boundaries. You don’t have to set up a practice as a Theta Healer to use the techniques, you use them in your every day life, at home, at work, with your family. It is empowering stuff ~ both for those who learn it and for me teaching it!


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