How sweet the roses smell

I have had the most wonderful Sunday. The weather has been just perfect for the first day of ‘real time’. I was up early and Rosie and I drove down to Berry to the markets. She had a great time meeting different dogs and also having humans fuss over her. I didn’t take much money with me but managed to spend it all – on Rosie! She got a coat, some home-made dog treats and some dog soap that is supposed to deter fleas and ticks and I like the smell which is a bonus. By the time we got home it was only 11am and we had met lots of people and caught up with a few friends.

I have done some washing, pottered around the house and the garden, cut some beautiful roses to have inside, they smell divine and played on the computer. I haven’t felt pressured at all but now realise that I have achieved quite a bit without pushing myself. We even had a lovely leisurely lunch sitting out on the balcony. My husband is now walking around the golf course on his own doing whatever it is you do when you have a hit by yourself. You may have guessed I am not a golfer! I will have time to have a bath and finished my book before I cook dinner of salmon and salad. The end to a perfect day.

The energy that has been around recently has really challenged and pushed me out of my comfort zone. I haven’t liked it one bit! I have shed floods of tears. I have not wanted to talk or write. I have been frustrated at every turn when I tried working on myself digging for bottom beliefs, sabotaging myself from tapping, procrastinating about using the juicer and even eating bread. But this morning I got to the bottom of it all and the difference in the way I feel is nothing less than transformational. To finally find out what it was that was anchoring everything in place is so liberating, and so peaceful.

I am reading Dancing with Dragons by Nicole Gruel, and I’m doing her workshop later in the month which I am looking forward to. “Dragons are mystical creatures that come bearing gifts and messages from the deepest and darkest corners of the psyche…..” Very synchronistic how I even came to have the book and hear about the workshop and then how quickly I made the decision to purchase it. When we are open it is amazing what literally ‘falls in our lap’.

It really has been so nice to take a day to ‘smell the roses’. The difference in the pace of today has been healing in itself together with the glorious weather and the lack of the voice in my head urging me ever onwards.

I am going to be a model in a fashion event in 2 days’ time. Something that was putting me sooooo far out of my comfort zone …. and then we were asked to model underwear – to go from having all the lumps and bumps hanging out and then showing the difference  good undergarments can make to your shape. My family just laughed when I told them. I have never modeled before! There are so many layers to this and I have just had the realisation that this is the equivalent to me jumping out of the plane. Thank you Universe! I am up to the challenge.


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Gratitude is an Attitude

A funny story from a long time ago …

When I first heard about gratitude, years and years ago, I thought

that if I was grateful for what I had in that moment that meant I would be stuck there and never have anything better!

And because that was my belief at the time I didn’t carry out the act of gratitude for many many years.

Definitely not a smart move

I was living in Sydney at the time and wanted desperately to move out of the rat race to somewhere quieter that would feed my soul.

Twenty years ago next month the dream I had held onto for so long came to fruition

and we moved to Kiama, the best decision we ever made!

Before that eventuated I had to sit in the situation I was in at the time and have gratitude for all that I had in my life then and there

I had let go of the belief I’d had such a tight grip on that to be grateful in the moment meant I would be stuck there

So not true!

In fact it was the reverse

Once you begin to have gratitude for what you have in your life then more things start to flow to you

The most important thing is to know what it is you wish to manifest in your life

Most people when asked what they want in their life come up blank

We all have a great long list of all the things we don’t want and nothing on the ‘do want’ list

So what happens is we are focused on the ‘don’t want’ and surprise, surprise that’s what keeps on showing up!!

The lesson here is to have gratitude for everything you have in your life now (just look around you) and focus on what you do want in your life.

Gratitude is a powerful manifestation tool.

TIP: if you have a list of what you don’t want it is easy to flip it to what you do want

📷 by Donald Giannatti on Unsplash

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