Finally, it’s happened!

It’s a bittersweet day today.

As I launch my new website out into the world I need to say goodbye to and I’m feeling all the feels.

I will be eternally grateful for Healing Steps and for what it has brought into my life. There’s a huge emotional attachment to it as the first logo I had were the footprints of my eldest grandchild. 

It has taken a long time for me to be ready to let go of it but now feels like the right time.

After 25 years it is time to let go of what no longer serves me and is energetically holding me back.

When I began all those years ago I was a massage therapist, then I added Reiki and Bowen therapy to my skill set and my offerings. The rest were added to as I went along

Now I no longer offer bodywork, after all that time my fingers had had enough.

It’s been a very long gestation period!

Longer than a human baby but not as long as an elephant baby.

The reason it took so long was mainly I wasn’t ready.

Now finally I am. 

I have announced to the Universe that I’m prepared to step into my soul purpose 

Yet I can still feel a change coming.

I wrote what’s below on 31st January 2018 but it’s only now, on the third attempt, that the website is happening.


I tried doing it last year and it didn’t work.

Yes, the planets weren’t aligned yet obviously … but I wasn’t ready.

I spent money and time on a new website and then didn’t do anything with it.

But the bottom line is … I wasn’t ready. I was waiting to lose weight, for my short hair cut to grow out, for my wrinkles to disappear etc, etc, etc. There were so many excuses.

But now I am ready.

The power of this year numerologically, the timing, it’s my birthday today, so it’s now or never.

I am coming out … of the basement.

I have been in the basement, the engine room, running the show all this time. Now it’s time to be seen.

I have been hiding behind Healing Steps for 22 years and now I’m going to rebrand as Maiya.

Maiya is who I am. Maiya is me.

No surname, which belongs to my in-laws. 

But Maiya which belongs to me and me alone.

It’s a big step and I’m ready to take it.

I have had the business name Healing Steps for the past 20 years. Over that time it has changed so much.

I started out in my own business as a massage therapist after I left full-time employment.  

The name Healing Steps worked on so many levels. For me and for my clients.

My first grandchild was born and the imprint of his feet became part of the logo. His birth was a huge healing for me (but that’s another story), my continued study to add modalities I could use on clients was a healing for me. Clients needed to take the first step to make the decision to come and see me, to begin their healing journey.

Since the end of last year, I have been ‘pushed’ by such a strong force inside me to remove everything from my house that I no longer use or need. I don’t consider myself a hoarder, I clear out clutter continually. This was on a much deeper level.

I have a storeroom next to my clinic and in there are plastic boxes, a filing cabinet, things that are used seasonally. A box filled with stuff for when I run retreats. Boxes of Christmas decorations. Boxes of photo albums. Boxes of things I need for courses plus a box for textbooks. A box for expos. Battery lights and candles for lighting up the path for events. On the shelves were Australian Bush Flower Essences.  A library of reference books. You get the picture!

So I pulled everything out of the storeroom, cleaned it and then went through every box and got rid of things I no longer needed or used and cleaned out the box before returning only the stuff I required.

It was a huge job and it took me days. But the feeling of relief and power when it was down felt awesome!

I was pushed on by a sense that I had to be rid of the things that were holding me back/not allowing me to move forward, before the start of the new year. There was to be nothing that would hold me back or tie me to the past.

We had Christmas early this year and were home alone on Christmas Day. So I spent the entire day in the storeroom, I was so determined I kept going through lunch! The first Christmas Day I have not had lunch! My husband was not driven by this compulsion and had a hard time understanding my determination, nor my frustration when he wouldn’t clean out the papers of the boxes he owned. Eventually, we got there and I can say there is nothing in that storeroom that is holding me back.

I then moved on and cleaned out every cupboard in the house! All that is left is under the house. We have a council cleanup in March and he has promised that it will be done by then.

I feel so much lighter. Clear-headed. Powerful even.

And I’m ready to step out and be seen!

Hi everyone, I’m Maiya



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