The power of our dreams

I have been struggling with this approaching ‘aging thing’ for some time and said I needed to find some good role models.  Lo and behold when I checked into Facebook there was a post saying  that Louise L Hay started Hay House when she was 60, she is now 86. Perfect! I thought, I’ll grab hold of that. Then that night I dreamt that I was having a one-on-one session with Louise herself in her lounge room … a very, very powerful dream.

The next night’s dream lasted on and off all night and I knew I couldn’t open my eyes until the dream was complete. We were living in our old house in Sydney and had a lot of people arrive to stay (must have had something to do with the tornedo that can through Kiama) there were people I knew coming into sleep.  I asked the kids to tidy up so people could sleep in their beds. The next morning, in the dream, I was looking for towels and there were none in the small linen cupboard but when I looked into the front bedroom there was a MOUNTAIN of bedclothes, clothes etc. piled up against the wall looking as if it would fall down and smoother someone. I went looking for towels in the pile but everything was stuck together and I couldn’t separate it. I knew I needed help. Each time I woke during the night to go to the toilet (4 times I think) a bit more would happen, more would be sorted and more packed away. It started with that tiny linen cupboard (that I had always hated because it was too small) and moved onto having a list, a plan and someone to execute it. So that in the end I knew it was complete and sorted to fit into the cupboard I have now! I just knew it was vitally important that it was finished. I couldn’t get up until it was all sorted even though I could see it was light I made myself go back to sleep to finish it off!

Obviously some big stuff going on, shifting and shuffling, underground as well as on the surface.

The GP suggested I take prednisolone … I was horrified and adamant that I wasn’t going to blow up like a balloon. In all my delusion I still believed at some point I would drop all this extra weight I am carrying and ALL my complaints would disappear. Taking that would be the end.

But the pain got worse and what I was taking wasn’t working so when I went back and she suggested prednisolone for 3 days I jumped at it. I thought if I could get the swelling down first and then I’d go from there to sort it out. I was concerned about the effect of prednisolone on my stomach. I am a sensitive little soul and gluten is one of the things my body doesn’t like, it causes me huge grief … amazing bloating and horrendous wind. So I have learned to avoid it!

After the first tablet the pain decreased to almost nothing and then it was gone and I could move easily and feely, forgetting (almost) the pain and restriction from before. I now know why people put on so much weight on this drug. I was starving!!! I could have eaten the leg of the table – literally. All I wanted was bread and carbs … and I have said what happens when I have gluten … yes horrendous!!!

Now I’m off the prednisolone. I can ‘feel’ my knees, wrists and some fingers today plus the back of my neck is very painful and burning. But my head is clear. I am focus and motivated. So onward and upward I go. Something  must be happening because I just keep on peeing!

I would love you to come with me on this journey. I could certainly use your support as I endeavour to turn this very sore, acidic body into alkaline perfection. Any suggestions you have would be gratefully received. This is my new mantra – “Dis-ease cannot live in an alkaline body”


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