Don’t ‘build a bridge’ ~ dig up the foundations instead

I don’t know about you but I remember people telling me to ‘build a bridge and get over it’ (one of my all time hated sayings), change your thoughts, focus on the positive etc, etc … I understand what they mean now (and I still don’t agree). But back then in my BEFORE life (before ThetaHealing®) I had a negative soundtrack going on in my head 24/7 that I could not shut up. Much as I hated it, I seem incapable of stopping it.   Years later when I was in the recovery phase I acknowledged that the first thing I always honed in on was the only thing that was wrong.   That became blatently obvious when sitting at a wedding, instead of noticing how beautiful the bride looked, how stunning and flattering the dress, how lovely the flowers … I noticed the tiny lump showing through from her knickers, which I figured must have been a flower on her knickers.   I pulled myself up on it and noticed all the other positive things, but found I kept returning to that ever so slight bump.   I realized that I did that all the time. I went straight to it. Whatever the it was that was not right, was not perfect!   Then I became aware that was what my mother did. She would comment on the negative first. Sadly very rarely followed it with a positive where I was concerned.   So when I consciously went about changing this judgemental behavior of mine I realized that it was her voice I heard in my head. It was her programming, reinforced by the nuns, that had me going for the jugular, so to speak. Changing my thoughts seemed impossible. How could I overcome this conditioning that was so powerful it happened without my conscious thought. It was like a reflex, a default switch.   For 50 years this went on. Impacting my relationships with my husband, my four children and my friends.   I saw a counsellor and started attending personal development courses and workshops to help me. I even did a two year holistic counselling course. But when I stumbled across ThetaHealing® and participated in the 3 day Basic course I had huge Ah Ha moments and the answers came. I discovered how to change the negative soundtrack in my head.   I will be honest and say that it didn’t happen overnight, but it did happen!   I had tools and techniques that I could use. The more I dug down to those bottom beliefs hiding in my subconscious the easier it became.   I didn’t need to ‘build a bridge’. I took out some of the foundations (bottom beliefs) and the soundtrack slowed down and faded which allowed me to see the positives in the world. I stopped being a victim of circumstance. I became empowered and took back the reins and became the driver of my life, steering it in the direction I wanted to go. I took back my power! If you would like to know more about my story you can download the FREE ebook is here.   I loved ThetaHealing® so much. It was quick, easy and simple. I stopped seeing clients for counseling I used the new skills I had learned and they no longer had to sit in their story. They no longer had to re-live the pain and trauma. A few years passed and I realised that if I taught this amazing technique to people I could spread it around quicker and more people could become empowered. So that’s what I did and now I teach ThetaHealing® courses. And that is the part I love the most! I still hate that saying ‘build a bridge and get over it’. If you do the Basic ThetaHealing® course you don’t need to build a bridge because with the tools you learn people won’t bother you in the way they did before. You will not be triggered by them.


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The importance of loving yourself

“The fundamental problem that most patients face is the inability to love themselves.” Bernie Siegel MD

I remember reading his book Love, Medicine and Miracles back at the end of the ’80’s and it resonated so deeply with me, something shifted inside.

Women of my generation have been taught to be perfectionists

We were taught that we need to be all things to all people

We were taught that to do something for ourselves,

to think of ourself was selfish … the very worst sin you could commit it seemed

Then you had people screaming that women can have it all

You could have children, be a mother AND have a high powered job

You could do anything and everything a man could do

What happened as a result of those high expectations was a generation of women who exhausted their bodies and their spirits trying to pack in all that they thought they were supposed to do

Be the 1950’s housewife with the perfect home & perfectly behaved children
and at the same time compete with men in the corporate world.

What an unsustainable, insurmountable goal that was!

In order to attempt to juggle all those balls in the air women had to sublimate their own needs to the needs of others.

When that happens our emotions have to shout louder and louder in order to get out attention

and because there is no time or space to focus on ourselves, plus we’ve been taught that to do so is wrong
thoughts and emotions get pushed further and further down
and that’s when the physical symptoms begin

[I read that martyrs experience chronic resentment – that was so me when my children were younger!]

When you look at this very simplified explanation you can see the problems this created,

both in my generation and the generations to follow.

Each generation tries to rebalance the wrongs they felt the previous generation inflicted upon them

I see the same things manifesting in my clients,
each generation having their own set of issues
and most of them say they feel stuck.

At the crux of all of it is the need
to be seen and heard, to be validated and acknowledged

and how quick the turnaround and change begins when that happens!

Focusing on yourself is not selfish,
experiencing pleasure is not selfish,
they are both crucial for vibrant health!

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Did you hear that when you were growing up? Perhaps you heard ….. ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees’, ‘we can’t afford it’, ‘I don’t know how we’re going to pay these bills’, ‘you need money to make money’, ‘you have to work hard to earn

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Our body is always talking to us?

Sadly, most of us don’t listen.   Or we only listen when we are brought to our knees.   I admit that even though I have known this for a long time and have been teaching it for the past twenty years I don’t always

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