A strange kind of day

Sore when I woke up. I get stiff from lying in bed. Right index finger still swollen but not as sore. My ribs were sore in bed and my neck but not too bad now I’m up. It’s dark and raining so it would have been perfect for a sleep-in, but that wasn’t to be. Autumn has certainly arrived, I’m sitting here snuggled up in my winter dressing gown, my favourite thing to wear. I am happiest if I can sit at the computer and wear it all day. I have two Theta clients today and then hydrotherapy this afternoon with some office stuff in between and a newsletter to write.

It has been a strange kind of day. I think what I mean is that I have felt strange. I was incredibly tired this afternoon and would have loved a nap but that wasn’t possible as the entire day was booked out. I spent a long time this morning recording a video, which was an interesting experience! Had great sessions with my two clients, I really love the results clients get with ThetaHealing. Then off to hydrotherapy for my second session which certainly wasn’t as confronting as the last time I was there, I did heaps of different exercises and felt good when I left. Home to soak in a bath of epsom salts and bicarb soda, and then snuggled into my pj’s and dressing gown for dinner and a chat with my man. Just received text messages from my two oldest grandchildren announcing that they both each have an emergency phone and could we please put them in our contacts list and we can call them anytime and even if they don’t reply they will read the message. Very cute, they are 10 & nearly 12, mum has obviously told them what to write and read the ‘mobile phone rules’ to them.

I have had a dull headache all day which would be part of the detox and I really haven’t drunk enough water! I must confess to ‘falling off the wagon’ with a piece of chocolate. BUT it tasted yuk! Which is exciting because it means that weaning off sugar will get easier. I am finding it a challenge to take all the supplements I have. All in all a good day because it is another day without medication and with only one sore finger to deal with. I’m looking forward to what tomorrow brings.


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