Never challenge the Universe!

A word of advice …
                                 never challenge the Universe!


Never make a statement, either out loud or in your head, like …

‘I’ll be okay cruising into the end of my life with the healing I’ve done on myself’.

Or some other such ridiculous statement.

I said that, or something very similar, last year. 

Biiiigggg mistake (said in a Julia Roberts voice)

I have been getting nudges for a few years now but the strong willed child within me raised her stubborn head and decided that she didn’t want to listen

and if I just did what the latest mentor suggested, all would be okay. 

If I just did this …, if I just kept pushing …

I completely blocked out any messages I was getting, took no heed of my intuition, and absolutely no notice of the advice I give clients 

‘If it feels like you’re pushing a huge boulder up a very steep hill, then you’re going the wrong way.’

And let me tell you it was a massive boulder and a very steep hill …
but still I kept on pushing, thinking I knew best.

Because I wasn’t listening to the nudges, the yells in my ears and all the other messages I was getting, the only way they could get my attention was to make me so sick and in so much pain I had no choice but to stop and listen.

Here’s something I realised, and am embarrassed to admit, historically I don’t listen until the physical pain brings me to my knees.

My dark night of the soul took me to a very uncomfortable place.
It made me look at the things I had been abiding and what I saw I didn’t like one bit.

Interesting to note that the pain is now gone!

The outcome of all of that is . . .

After thirteen years of being a ThetaHealing instructor I am no longer going to teach ThetaHealing courses.

I will still be seeing clients for 1:1 sessions both in person and via Zoom

If you’d like a session give me a call on 0407 536 702
or email


Something new is coming and I’m excited about it,

it’s just there out of my grasp,

I know part of it but not the entirety of it.

I need to close this door first before the next door will open and the new ‘thing’ drops in completely.

When I know what it is I will let you know!
Until then, sending blessings to you 

as we navigate our way in this new world

Be kind to yourself, and others   



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