The importance of teaching kids to use their intuition

A client this week was telling me that her 10 year old son said he didn’t know who to believe.

His parents are divorced and his father is telling him things which are very confusing.

She and I discussed teaching him how to trust his gut feeling, his intuition.

Because when we get in touch with it our intuition never lets us down.

I realised during our talk that this is what we need to be teaching to ALL our kids.

Your intuition is a muscle and to develop it you must check in and listen.

The more you use it the more you will trust it

We then thought of a few games you could play with kids to help them to work out

It is always the thought that pops in immediately

Remember the multiple choice questions you’ve done … the first thing that popped in you argued with.

That was too easy, I have to ‘think’ about it.

So then you frown and think hard about the answer, put down what you got … and it invariably was wrong!

That first thought that you dismissed was the right answer!

How often has something popped into your head and you’ve dismissed it, only to find out it was right

It used to happen to me in the supermarket

I’d be getting a nudge to go down a particular aisle.

Then I’d argue in my head that I didn’t need anything down there …only to get home and realise ‘Oh, that’s why you wanted me to go down that aisle’!!

It happens to us all the time and we ignore it

Start listening now and see what a difference it makes in your life!

The old game of the three cups with something under one was the first thing I thought of. Move the cups around and they have to guess which one has ‘it’ underneath it

Get a pack of playing cards, pick one card and put it behind your back and get them to ‘guess’ what it is

Pick one of the kids books and put it under the pillow in your room and ask them to guess which one it is

Ask them to guess what you are going to cook for dinner (without them seeing or smelling any ingredients!)

Think of a number between 1 – 10 and get them to guess what it is

I’m sure you can think of many more that are appropriate for your children and your family.
Make it enjoyable, no pressure … for anyone!

Let me know what games your kids enjoy



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The importance of loving yourself

“The fundamental problem that most patients face is the inability to love themselves.” Bernie Siegel MD

I remember reading his book Love, Medicine and Miracles back at the end of the ’80’s and it resonated so deeply with me, something shifted inside.

Women of my generation have been taught to be perfectionists

We were taught that we need to be all things to all people

We were taught that to do something for ourselves,

to think of ourself was selfish … the very worst sin you could commit it seemed

Then you had people screaming that women can have it all

You could have children, be a mother AND have a high powered job

You could do anything and everything a man could do

What happened as a result of those high expectations was a generation of women who exhausted their bodies and their spirits trying to pack in all that they thought they were supposed to do

Be the 1950’s housewife with the perfect home & perfectly behaved children
and at the same time compete with men in the corporate world.

What an unsustainable, insurmountable goal that was!

In order to attempt to juggle all those balls in the air women had to sublimate their own needs to the needs of others.

When that happens our emotions have to shout louder and louder in order to get out attention

and because there is no time or space to focus on ourselves, plus we’ve been taught that to do so is wrong
thoughts and emotions get pushed further and further down
and that’s when the physical symptoms begin

[I read that martyrs experience chronic resentment – that was so me when my children were younger!]

When you look at this very simplified explanation you can see the problems this created,

both in my generation and the generations to follow.

Each generation tries to rebalance the wrongs they felt the previous generation inflicted upon them

I see the same things manifesting in my clients,
each generation having their own set of issues
and most of them say they feel stuck.

At the crux of all of it is the need
to be seen and heard, to be validated and acknowledged

and how quick the turnaround and change begins when that happens!

Focusing on yourself is not selfish,
experiencing pleasure is not selfish,
they are both crucial for vibrant health!

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